Cold Elongation Testing Machine as per BS EN 60811-505 & IEC 60811-505

Cold Elongation test as per BS EN 60811-505 or IEC 60811-505from Tech trivial is a machine all fit inside with automatic elongation apparatus fit inside the cold chamber. The operator easily prepare sample and fix it before test is started and without opening the door thanks to HMI display and controller. High Quality loadcell and software is also provided with the equipment to make reporting easier and accurate with high precision.


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Elongation Testing Machine as per BS EN 60811-505 or IEC 60811-505. Cold Elongation Testing Machine is conducted to fulfill the necessities of BS EN 60811-505. it’s performed on the insulation and sheathing materials of electrical cables and fibre optic cables with a diameter in way over 12.5mm. Cables of a smaller diameter are more commonly subject to the Cold Bend Test to IEC 60811-504.

From the prepared sample of cable insulation (thickness between 0.6mm and 2mm) and which has been conditioned at ambient temperature, 2 dumb-bell shaped test samples are punched vertically within the material; ideally these test samples should come from side-by-side.

These test samples are then placed in an exceedingly pre-cooled cooling chamber. they’re fixed to the tensile and elongation apparatus with clamps at the highest and bottom, leaving 30mm of sample between them. they’re then left to condition for two hours. Once conditioned, the clamps then pull in opposite directions at a speed of 25mm/min, elongating the test samples until the purpose of break.

The elongation is decided by measuring the gap from start point to point of rupture. to attain a pass during this test, the elongation must have achieved a minimum 20% increase on the first test sample size before breaking.


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