Copper Purity Test Apparatus


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Copper Purity Test Apparatus is used to test the purity or percentage of Copper in a sample. The test itself is very important when it comes to determining conductor resistivity and conductivity. Many cases had have been seen when a micron of CU more has costed companies in millions for years. And many companies are though working upon copper optimization projects still they miss the lass mile of fine-tuning the process and product and 6 sigma level. All because the CU is not as pure as you are considering in your theoretical calculations. For more support you might get in touch with us on the topic, we provide free consultation on CU optimization projects.

Copper Purity test equipment uses a chemical electrolysis method to determine the purity % of CU. The results show the content of CU in the specimen. It does not determine a detailed analysis report of impurities as X-ray refractometry but gives the accurate idea of purity only.

The working principle consists of CU specimen dissolved into a specific solvent (we can provide that too) and then charged Cathode and anode made of platinum and iridium are used to abstract and determine the content of real CU. the instrument consists of:-

  •    Anode and Cathode created with Platinum, Irridium blend
  •    Controlled heating plate-PID
  •    Current monitor-Digital
  •    voltage and current source with the stirrer
  •    Magnetic heater mechanism
  •    Digital temperature setting-PID
  •    Digital timer
  • Laboratory glassware