Automatic profile projector for cable


Automatic profile projector for cable used in Cable Dimension measurement of any shape of the cable. Available with Accredited calibration master, color measurement, from 36 mm to 108 mm diameter samples.

IEC-60502-1 and EN 50525 describes the requirement of exact dimension measurement of the insulation, inner jacket and outer jacket of a cable and it’s core.

Where you actually lose money?

  • Having higher Insulation wall thickness due to the operator’s running safety margin
  • Ovality of extrusion head setting causes the inhomogenous spread of compound over the conductor.
  • Due to higher core diameter, each next process of cable manufacturing such as stranding, taping, braiding, armoring, shielding, inner sheathing, outer jacketing takes a minimum of 0.05% to 3% of extra material.
  • An average-sized Cable manufacturer who consumes 10 Million euros of plastics per year losses around 300.000 € just because of non-optimized dimension of cables.

We also supply all the measuring components calibrated by NABL accredited master instruments so that accuracy and uncertainty are never a concern for our clients.


Automatic profile projector for cable, IEC 60502-1 and EN 50525 describes the requirement of the exact dimension measurement of any cable. Generally, such tests are performed also just before tensile strength and elongation tests as well as before aging tests. It is very important to and most critical characteristics of a cable that determines the overall performance in the application.

Hence it is always adapted and suggested to Cable manufacturers to do the dimension inspection on the first and last samples of the extrusion process. Not only for Quality parameters but wall thickness is also a major player in deciding the cost of the cable, hence an optimization with high accuracy is the need of this highly competitive market.

Here is the solution, our fully automated vision software based profile projector detects 1000 points and reports on-screen the dimensional results as shown in the video. The software would be on your name and is valid for life time-licensed.

We also supply all the measuring components calibrated by NABL accredited master instruments so that accuracy and uncertainty are never a concern for our clients.

Buy a fully automated one-click Cable measurement vision series tabletop profile projector. It is capable of measuring 10000 readings of a cables ring/sector/hexagonal/flat samples etc. Color % measurement module and automated data control & reporting.

1) User-friendly full part programming
2) Video edge detection
3) Concentric
4) Circularity
5) Trend Analysis
6) Tolerance Settings
7) Width Deviation Analysis
8) Customized Report Generation
9) EN 60811-1-1 Reports
10) Cable cost optimization consultancy

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