Vertical Cold Chamber upto -86 deg


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Cold chambers are and integral part of any cable test laboratory. They are helpful in performing cold bending, cold elongation and cold impart tests as per latest revision of IEC-60811 5 and 6 series. Techtrivial has many different designs and sizes for vertical cold chambers ranging from -15  degree Celsius to -86 degree Celsius.

Cold Chamber (Vertical Model)

Chamber size: L: 18 inches, W: 16 inches, H: 24 inches

Inner Chamber: SS 304.

Outer Chamber: SS 304.

Temperature Range: up to Minus 85 +\- 5 to 7 deg C.

Refrigeration System: Two Embraco Compressors. The refrigeration system shall be a highly efficient air cooled refrigeration system with two compressors comprising of cascade refrigeration cycle to achieve low temperature in a short time period.

Coolant: SUVA 95 and R 404A will be used for cooling. The gas is nontoxic and non-flammable.

Uniformity: chamber shall also include two fan blower assembly to ensure uniform temp. Distribution inside the chamber.

Temperature Controller:  Digital ON/Off controller for cooling.

Display: 7” HMI screen with dedicated software for the cold chamber. The software will have alarms like high / low temperature, power failure, door open etc.

Control: By Rockwell PLC. All aspects of the cold chamber will be controlled using the PLC.

Data logging: Temperature data logging along with logging of alarms like door open time. Power outage time etc. will be recorded.

Calibration: Temperature controllers to be calibrated from an NABL Accredited lab

Note: It is advisable to keep the Cold Chamber AC environment (below 30oC) for proper functioning and compressor life enhancement.

The instrument will be designed as floor model. The Compressor and other cooling system will be kept under the chamber with control panel on the top of the instrument.

Note: As the instrument has gas inside, it will require special permission from airlines for transportation. The instrument must be transported in upright position only.