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UV weathering test chamber as per ISO 4892 – XENON ARC


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UV weathering test chamber as per ISO 4892-XENON ARC TEST EQUIPMENT generally compliant with HD 626-2 or ISO 4892-2

The test equipment consists of

  • 1-piece water-cooled xenon lamp with inner quartz and outer borosilicate filter
  •  Programmable color display touch screen controller to control and display test parameters
  •  Measurement and control of irradiance value at both 340nm, and 300~400nm
  •  Measurement and control of Black Panel Temperature (BPT)
  •  Measurement and control of chamber temperature and chamber humidity
  •  A water spray system with a built-in 50L water reservoir
  •  An automatic water supply system
  •  Industrial control panel with ferrule numbering & professional wiring for easy maintenance and troubleshooting
  •  RS-232 interface, able to connect and programs with Industrial PC/Desktop PC/Laptop

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Xenon Arc Test or UV Weathering Test as per ISO 4892-2 & 3

UV weathering test chamber as per ISO 4892

Test Area and Sample Holder

·        The test area is made of stainless steel.

·        Standard sample holder, size is 90*200mm,

·        can mount 34pcs samples

·        Rotatable sample drum, adjustable speed

·        Temperature and Humidity sensor (high accuracy)

·        BPT panel equipped


Irradiation Source – Xenon Arc Lamp

·        Irradiation Source with 1 piece of 4500 W

·        water cooling Xenon Lamp

·        with inner quartz and outer borosilicate filter

·        Xenon lamp easy to exchange

·        Average Lamp Life about 1600hours.


Control Panel

·        Programmable color display touch screen

·        controller, PC Link, RS-232

·        the interface can contact PC with software,

·        Program: 100 groups in 999 sections

·        Can control temperature, humidity, irradiance,

·        BPT, water spraying,

·        rotary drum


Cooling System

·        A mechanical compression refrigeration system

·        A refrigerating unit is a French TECUMSEH compressor.

·        Two cascade compressor

·        Environment-friendly refrigerant R404a for the first stage,

·        R23 for the second stage


Humidity System

·        External isolation, stainless steel surface

·        evaporation humidifier




Water Spraying

·        Automatic water supply, water purification system,

·        water saving.

·        Water reservoir 50 Liter, with the water inlet

·        and drainage valves.


Radiometer & Sensors

·        Temperature sensor PT-100 A class,

·        Resolution: ± 0.01 ℃

·        Humidity sensor Dry and wet bulb,

·        Resolution: ± 1%RH

·        Irradiance Radiometer, Tolerance: ±5%

·        Black panel thermometer


Safety Protection

·        Humidifier dry-combustion protection

·        Independent over-temperature protection,

·        Water shortage protection

·        Over-current protection

·        Refrigerant high-pressure protection switch

·        Earth leakage protection