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IEC 60811 Wire or Cable Low Temperature Elongation Test Machine


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Wire or Cable Low Temperature Elongation Test Machine is used for tensile testing of polymer materials, wire and cable, rubber, plastic and other insulating sheaths in low temperature environment. It is in line with GB/T2951.14-2008, Articles 8.3 and 8.4, VDE 0472Part616, IEC 60811- 1-4 and other test standards.

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IEC 60811 Wire or Cable Low-Temperature Elongation Test Machine


Warranty:-1 Year

Maximum stretch length:-280 mm


Model Number:-D424

Working power:-AC220V, 50HZ

Temperature range:- RT ~ -25℃

Stretching speed:-20 mm/min ~ 30 mm/min

Control cabinet dimensions:-Length 425 * Width 370 * Height 165 mm

Standard:- IEC 60811

Test device:- Length 430 * Width 284 * Height 325 mm


It is used for tensile strength testing of wire, cable, rubber, polymer materials, and other insulating sheaths in a low-temperature environment. It’s design and manufacturing follow standards of GB/T2951.14-2008, IEC 60811- 1-4, and other test standards.

 Basic parameters:-
Maximum stretch length 280mm
Stretching speed 20 mm/min ~ 30 mm/min
Chuck type


Sample specifications I, II dumbbells, the thickness of 0.6mm ~ 32.0mm
Displacement measurement Digital display, elongation accuracy of ± 0.1mm, resolution of 0.1%
Temperature range RT ~ -25℃
In combination with the low-temperature chamber The low is placed in the low temperature stretching device control cabinet is placed chamber for testing, and the outside for operation.
Control cabinet dimensions Length 425 x Width 370 x Height 165 mm
Test device Length 430 x Width 284 x Height 325 mm
Working power AC220V, 50HZ

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Weight 230 kg
Dimensions 70 × 110 × 180 cm

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