Hot pressure deformation test tools as per IEC 60811-508


Hot deformation test is also called a hot pressure test is an acceptance test in order to assess high-temperature resistance of the material to deformation. Thermoplastics tend to deform under high temperatures and small damage during movement or under installation to cable, can cause a puncture or cut of insulation. This could result in the circuit break down shutting down the entire system.
According to the famous test institute of Germany, it was said that the most failing test for HO5-HO7V K cables is this test. In order to achieve a high speed of extrusion, manufacturers tend to inadvertently ignore the impact of compound degradation.


Cable and plastic test equipment also consists of small tool apparatus such as cold bend, cold impact, and hot pressure deformation tools.
The tool contains:-

5 steel blades with CNC made edges.

Mandrels for hanging with blades

6 NABL accredited mass pieces from 5 to 35 N as per IEC-60811-508

4 Frames of the blade assembly

One metallic stand as shown in the picture.