Hot Set Test Oven

Hot Set Test and Heat Pressure Test (with or With out HMI-PLC control):-
The instrument is manufactured as per the IEC specification and also confirms other international standards. The instrument contains:-
• A double walled cabinet with inside chamber of stainless steel
• Inner dimensions of the chamber are 30 cm x 50 cm 20 cm (W x H x D).
• Full view glass Door to observe the specimen under test.
• Temp. Range 250 ± 2 o C. at sensor point.
• The oven is designed to give 8 to 20 air changes per hour.
• An Digital air flow meter is fitted to monitor the airflow rate. Range 0- 10 LPM, LC-0.1 LPM
• Grips are provided at the top of the oven to hang specimen/s.
• Suitable weights up to 1 kg are provided with provision to attach the weights to one end of the test pieces.
• Two ultra sonic sensors combined with laser pointers are given on the front door.
• Laser pointers are attached to facilitate the operator to take exact reading of the sample elongation.
• A blade is provided in the oven to cut the sample to remove the tensile force without opening the door.


Laser Guided Hot set oven

Laser Guided Hot set oven


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