Dumbbell Sample Cutting Dies


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Dumbbell sample cutting dies for cables are used to create samples for tensile and elongation at break tests as well as for hotset and aging-related tests of material.

Dumbbell sample cutting dies is used for making test piece by punch before performing another test like a tensile, tear, or peeling on a universal peeling machine.  With the help of this machine we can make an accurate test piece and save lots of time

Two types of dumbbell dies are available in stock:

Die for Tensile Test 75 mm (Tungsten Steel grade)
Die for Tensile Test 50 mm (Tungsten Steel grade)

We have three types of cutter:

  1. Chromium Steel
  2. Chromium steel with Spring Mechanism
  3. Wood-Based Double wood mounted with steel plate

Every Tech Trivial product gives you exactly what you need: accurate measurements, consistent, reliable performance, best possible safety, and best possible warranty available

Standard Accordance:

It is made according to ASTM D 412, ASTM D 638, EN 455, ISO 37, ISO 34, ASTM D 624.


Accuracy: ± 0.05 mm

Model No.: D1014

Applicable materials are rubber, polymer, paper, foam and sponge, fiber, foil, textile, and leather.

Optional accessories are Cutting Board – PP material, Custom made slot adaptor, Pneumatic die cut machine, cable sample cutting die


Dumbbell sample cutting dies

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