Multicell Ageing Ovens (IEC & UL2556 compliant) & Hot Set Test Oven

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Multicell Ageing Ovens (with or Without HMI-PLC control)
Each Cell is a complete instrument in itself i.e., fitted with individual Temp. Indicating Controller, Air Flow Meter, Air temperature controller and an
Hour Meter. This enables the user to test different type of samples at desired temperature and duration, depending upon test requirement of end users
& testing authorities.
The instrument consists of the following:
• Double walled chamber with inside chamber of thick aluminum sheet.Size of the chamber is 10 cm x 30 cm
• Digital Temp. Indicating Controller with sensor. Temp. range 0-200 ± 2 o C
• Digital Flow meter for monitoring the volume of air passing through the chamber.
• Air inlet nozzle for the airline or air compressor.
• Specially Designed heaters to heat the air before it enters the cell
• Separate temperature controllers for air temperature control
• Air turbulence fan with motor to rotate at 60 RPM (Air source has to be provided by User)
• Specially designed cover to hold three to five test samples in each chamber.
• Timer System to record the total time of test.

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