Reaction to Fire EN 50399 compliant – for CPR Cables



Reaction to Fire according to EN 50399. Buy the most in-demand technological setup among Cable manufacturers today. EN 50399 test machine. In 2016 EU parliament proposed and passed a regulation for Construction product Regulation, popularly known as CPR.
The objective is to regulate the use of construction material with higher safety awareness. Towards human, animal, ambient and entire Ecosystem.
Cable manufacturers norm is giving flexibility to each EU country to decide their own rating. The generic rating is A, B, C, D, E & F where cables are subject to the tests and observed for Reaction to fire.
There are basically three types of tests that are included in newly introduced norm EN-50575 as below listed.

1) EN-50399- Reaction to fire under control condition- This is an advanced extension to a very popular Bunched cable flame test according to IEC-60332-3. But of course, during this test, additional information like Heat release rate (HRR), Smoke release rate (SRR), Smoke density, Droplet count, burning rate, propagation rate, Gas analysis of O2, CO2 and CO etc are required to be recorded.

2) Halogen content % :- IEC-60754:- Additional instrument required.
3) Smoke density as per IEC-61034-included in this equipment.

Based on the above tests and results, Manufacturers of cables is required to mark their cable. With the appropriate category and rating of the cable such as B2Ca.
Tips:- For Cable manufacturers who design or develop new cables, it is very difficult to wait for a third party agency reports. To test the cable prototype design and then go further. It consists of several waiting time and costs causing delay in project.
Have your own CPR laboratory (our setup is also certified by third party laboratory) can help you save much money and time on development tasks.

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