IEC 60695 Horizontal and Vertical Flammability Testing Equipment For Plastics


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Horizontal and Vertical Flammability Testing Equipment For Plastics is suitable for testing the resistance of plastics and their plastic parts to spread combustion under the condition of flame combustion. It is in line with standard requirements of GB/T2408, GB13488, ISO1210 and UL94.

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D357 | IEC 60695 Horizontal and Vertical Flammability Testing Equipment For Plastics



Standard:-IEC 60695, UL94

Model Number:-D357

Timer:-0 ~ 99.99 s arbitrary setting

Power:-500 W

Nozzle inner diameter:-0.375 inches (9.5mm)

Spray fire mode:-Automatic electronic fire

Test Material:-Plastics

Material:-Baking finish

The volume of test chamber:-≥ 0.5 m3

Dimension:-L1200 * W600 * H1260 mm

Product Description


Horizontal and for plastics is suitable for testing plastic combustion behavior conform parts to spread combustion the resistance of vertical Flammability Testing Equipment plastics and their under the condition measuring the residual flame of flame combustion. The horizontal by measuring the linear combustion rate The vertical to the standard requirements of the sample is evaluated by, combustion evaluated of the samples range and dropping. The design and manufacture of combustion particles of this instrument of GB/T2408, GB13488, ISO1210 and UL94

Technical Parameters:-

Nozzle diameter: 0.375); tube length inches (about 9.5mm 100mm;

Metal mesh: square, side length 125mm steel wires with the web plate is made of 0.45 for the diameter of 0.7mm.

The is greater than or test chamber to 0.5 m3 equal volume of the.

Outer box size: L1200 * W600 * H1260 mm, baking pain high-quality material t;

Spray fire mode: automatic electronic fire.

Timer: 0 ~ 99.99 s arbitrary setting. The working power of this device is AC220V, 50HZ, and the total power is 500W.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

What is IEC 60695?

It specifies a small-scale for comparing the relative burning laboratory screening procedure behavior of vertically or specimens made from horizontally oriented plastic and another non-metallic ignition source of 50 W nominal materials, exposed to a small-flame power.

What is the vertical flame test?

Under controlled to heat and flame is measured exposure, the flame source, and laboratory conditions, material response described A above a controlled flame and exposed for test specimen is positioned vertically a specified period of time. The following is removed.

What is a flammability test?

Flammability materials ignite how measure how easily burn and how quickly they test methods they react when burned. In, horizontal to removed, and then tests observe flammability continues if the material contrast calculates the rate at which the specimen burn after the test flame is burning.

What is a flammability test for fabrics?

Flammability a material or finished or burn when determines how product wills testing ignite easily exposed to or used near fire or heat.


D357 | IEC 60695 | ul94 Horizontal and Vertical Flammability Testing Equipment For Plastics


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