IEC61034 Wire and Cable Smoke Density Test Chamber


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Wire and Cable Smoke Density Test Chamber is used for determination of smoke density of cables and optical cables burning under specific conditions. It is designed and manufactured according to GB/T17651.1-2-1998 standard.

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D348 | IEC61034 Wire and Cable Smoke Density Test Chamber


Model Number:-D348

Measurable transmittance range:-0% ~ 100%


Nominal power:-100 W

Light source:-Imported quartz halogen lamp


Fuel:-1.00L±0.01L alcohol

Test Material:-Cables & optical cables

Material:-SUS 304 Stainless Steel

Dimension:-L3 * W3 * H3 m

nominal luminous flux:-2000Lm ~ 3000Lm

Product Description:-


This equipment is according to GB/T17651.1-2-1998 “Determination designed and manufactured of smoke density of under specific conditions”. The optical measuring cables and optical cables burning system for or optical cables transmission of smoke or optical cables when they emitted under certain conditions smoke density burned by cables consists of a light source, receiver and a computer system. The light generated by the light a silicon photovoltaic cell source passes Laboratory of 3M 6550 The beam intensity of the light source. When a large amount of smoke is produced in the combustion chamber through a smoke density due to the cables, the smoke absorbs part of the photovoltaic, and the beam intensity combustion of cables or optical of the silicon photovoltaic cell is weakened. By processing the data with a linear response of 100% relative to the initial time can be calculated. This equipment is suitable for the computer system, the transmittance measuring the from cables are burned horizontally under certain conditions.

 Main Technical Parameters:-

The 1.5 mm thick SUS304 stainless steel plate is fixed on the square combustion chamber through a during the bracket to form the entire cube combustion chamber. Size: L3 * W3 * H3 m with a, and a transparent sealing on both sides to let the beam window is arranged on the opposite Structure: The front face is provided window measuring device pass through. The fan with a wall of the horizontal light glass observation electric valve. After top is equipped with an exhaust for each test, the from pipe with a valve. The valve should be closed test and keep good smoke should be completely discharged sealing performance.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

What is the Cable Smoke Density Test?

It is designed to generate when cables are burned. The Cable Smoke determines the volume of smoke Density Test is a Zero Halogen cable and is custom-built wide by 3 meters deep conducted inside a primarily performed on Low Smoke by 3 meters high – hence chamber measuring 3 meters the three meters cube test name.

What is IEC 61034?

It provides details of for under defined conditions, for example measuring smoke emission when electric the test apparatus to be used or optical fiber cables are burnt, a few cables burnt horizontally.


D348 | IEC61034 Wire and Cable Smoke Density Test Chamber


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