Multi Function TRMS Power Meter


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Microprocessor Multi-Function Trms Power Meter is used to measure the amount of electrical energy in any electrical device digitally.

(max file size 512 MB)

We Offer Digital Microprocessor Multi Function TRMS Power Meter.

Multi Function TRMS Power Meter Service Details:

Usage: Laboratory
Model – D94


10 Years Power – Off Memory for set data With RS – 485 Modbus Output Software

Applicable Standard: DIN IEC 688

Suitable for: 1 j 2 W; 1 j 3 W; 3 j 3 W; 3 j 4 W

User friendly programming

General Specifications:


Input Burden: Voltage 0.25 VA / Unit, Current 0.25VA/ Unit

Input Voltage Over Rang: Voltage: 200% Continuous, 300% of rating for 10sec.

Input Voltage Range: Voltage: 55 ~ 300 V AC, or 300 ~ 600 V AC, 45 ~ 65 Hz

P.T.Ratio programmable up to 9999 / KV

Input Current Over Range: Current: 400% Continuous, 2000% of rating for 10sec.

Input Frequency: 45Hz ~70 Hz.

Input Current Range: Current: 110 % for rating. 0 – 1Aor 0-5A,

C.T.Ratio Programmable up to 9999 /5A


Load resistance drive: output drive 10 VDC maximum. OR

DC Voltage: 0-10V DC

Output Response Time : <1 Sec

DC Current: 0~20mADC

Output Protection: No Damage even if outputs open or Short Circuit

Digital Output Load: RS485 Output, Isolate Type with

MODBUS RTU mode.4800, 9600, 19200 Baud Rate, User Selectable

Load resistance drive: Output drive 5SmA maximum


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