Flammability Test Equipment UL-94 Features

Flammability test as per UL-94 is done to find if a plastic material is acceptable for use in any device or appliance when it comes to flammability. It is available in 3 models

  1. Semi-Automatic
  2. With HMI display
  3. Motorized

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Flammability test equipment for flammability Test with the below characteristics:

  • Burner: in accordance with ASTM D 5025 part 94
  • Burner assembly for angles of 20 Deg. 45 Deg. and 90 Deg.
  • Sample holding mechanism: can hold the sample vertically or horizontally both
  • Mass flow meter: Digital mass flow meter with graph and OLED display for methane/propane gas.
  • Pressure controller
  • Flammability test equipment Pressure monitor
  • Motorized burner mechanism control and move with HMI touch Screen control. other economical
  • Options available for customization and different designs such as motorized exhaust system, Manual control instead of HMI, etc.
  • Dual flow meter console for Methane (CH4) range 300 ml/min and 1.7 L/min as per standard requirement
  • Manometer: Not required, provided with the standard model with rotameters only.

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