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Semi-automatic MV-HV cable sample cutting and slicing machine. The machine itself is very easy to operate and fast to deliver samples. Cable and plastic test equipment are not only the actual testing machines but also the sampling and conditioning devices.

Do you know how long your operator might take to get a sample of MV-Hv cable sample for tensile or aging test?
If it’s done by hand with the use of normal laboratory knife, it might take several minutes to an expert. However our this machine makes it in seconds. This helps you to achieve cable cost optimization and higher productivity in manufacturing.

Sample cutting and slicing machine is one of our innovative products designed on the demand for specially MV-HV cable manufacturers.
Buy the semi-automatic machine which consists of:

  • Pneumatic operating handles
  • Heavy servo motor
  • Steel-tungsten blades for precise cutting and
  • Slicing and frame of machine design.

Cable and plastic test equipment also need supportive equipments such as for sample preparation and it’s preconditioning. We know how difficult it is for you to remove samples from MV-HV cables cores which are thick and too strong to cut by regular laboratory knife. Let us make it easier for you!

Here we present a semi-automatic Sample cutting and slicing machine for this task. This lets you take any number of samples for tensile tests as well as for the aging test in seconds.


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