Cable Fault Detector Machine TDR

Cable fault Location system (various technology)
The Cable Fault Locating System COMPAC 32 is used to perform DC high pot test, Pre-location of fault distance with the help of pre-locator unit and
Pin-point underground cable fault in acoustic method with the help of suitable Surge wave receiver and Pin-point sheath faults in power transmission and
distribution networks or service provider companies. Key features Operating Mode Surge, Arc / SIM, DC / Proof Test/ Pre-location and Sheath Fault
Pin-point location of cable faults in Low, Medium and High voltage cables by acoustic method.
Perform DC / Proof test up to 32 kV
DC Test Current 10/20mA
Burn test up to 32 kV – 60mA for short period
Surge Output voltage selectable in three ranges 8, 16 and 32 kV continuously variable
Full energy delivering capacity at each select range.
High Surge energy of 1000 Joules (optional 2000J)
Single Impulse and 1.5, 3 and 6 seconds intervals or as per customer request
Pre-location of cable faults distance with TDR, ICM, SIM/MIM & Decay mode.
Big LCD touchscreen color display.
Maximum measuring pre-location range up to 64km
Sheath fault location up to 8kV – 60mA
Protection Class – IP 54


(max file size 128 MB)

Cable Fault Detector Machine TDR is used to measure exact fault location such as broken line, earthing, poor insulation, poor contact or cross faults, etc. This device is a time-domain reflectometer (TDR) that detects fault by observing reflected waveforms.

Every Tech Trivial Cable Fault Detector Machine gives you exactly what you need: accurate measurements, consistent, reliable performance, best possible safety, and best possible warranty available.


Type: Cable Fault Pre-locator

Display: LCD Color display

Model No.: D1020

Small in size and lightweight

Easy to use and simple operation

Can measure maximum 64 km range

The manual testing function is also available

With the pen drive, it is easy to transfer data to a computer

Rechargeable lithium battery with 8 Hr. working

Sheath fault location up to 8kV – 60mA

Protection Class – IP 54


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