ASTM C1396 Gypsum Board Flame Stability Testing Machine


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ASTM C1396 Gypsum Board Flame Stability Testing Machine


Model Number:-D351


Application:-Gypsum Plasterboard

Power supply:-220V 50Hz

Standard:-ASTM C1396

Warranty:-1 Year

Maximum temperature:-900℃

Material:-SUS 304 Stainless Steel

Flame supply time:-0 ~ 99m and 99s

Load (weight):-7N, 10N, 12N, 15N, 17N, 20N

Size:-L882 x W450 x H1175 mm

 Main technical parameters
Power supply AC220V±10%/50HZ; power: 500W
Test gas source Use gas or (it is recommended to use gas with better temperament if conditions are available) petroleum liquefied gas (customer-supplied)
Double burner Fire head (2.5 ± 0.1) mm, maximum temperature 900℃, accuracy 1 diameter (40 ± 1) mm, fire hole diameter
Flame supply time Within the and 99 seconds, the test process is automatically controlled range of 0 ~ 99 minutes
Load (weight) 7N, 10N, 12N, 15N, 17N, 20N each
Dimensions L882 x W450 x H1175 mm


Frequently Asked Questions:-

What is the difference between ASTM and ISO?

ASTM is a national of ISO organizations. ISO is that has representations from organization that is a part international organization all countries including ASTM.

What is ASTM C1396?

This specification includes the following: gypsum boards which for use on wallboard covers gypsum walls, ceilings, suitable to receive decoration; redecorated the finished surfacing for or partitions and that affords a surface gypsum board for use as walls, ceilings etc.

What does ASTM compliant mean?

American Society International, formerly known as American for Testing and Materials ASTM Society for international standards organization voluntary consensus technical Testing and Materials, develops and publishes of materials, products, systems, and standards for a wide range of services.

What is the ASTM test method?

ASTM test industry standards, accepted methods Tests for Petroleum, are petroleum worldwide for quality and refined products include Petroleum and test methods reliability ASTM and for petroleum Petrochemical Test Directory.


D351 | ASTM C1396 Gypsum Board Flame Stability Testing Machine


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