Aircraft Wiring Combustion Testing Machine

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Standard:-ISO R1220

Burner:-Propane gas combustion lamp

External flame:-175 mm

Test Material:-PE, PVC and SRPVC

Power supply:-AC 220V 50Hz

Model Number:-D359

Internal flame:-55 mm

Metal shield:-W360 * D250 * H600 mm


Material:-SUS 304 Stainless Steel

Product Description:-

Control System:

Power supply voltage: AC 220V 50Hz Flame. When the flame time and duration predetermined time, the fire of flame ignition time is up to a height is adjustable. The can be adjusted will be stopped automatically.

2) Combustion Chamber:

The test case shell is made of stainless steel plate.

Metal shield:, deep 250±10mm. The front and the top open and the high 600±10mm, width 360±10mm are bottoms is closed.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

What is aircraft wire?

The term “aircraft cable” is a wire fit for use in modern ropes from sizes roughly. 047” to. The stranding generic term used to denote wires into cables is proven and flexible, which makes aircraft methods of providing strength cable airplanes.

What is aircraft cable used for?

Aircraft cables variety of applications on or around aircraft. They are used as are stranded wires that are used in wide harnesses for, stabilizers, electrical wiring as well as tie-downs safety fasteners, and for many other purposes.

How strong is aircraft cable?

Aircraft cable breaking strengths (tensile strengths) 14,400 pounds. Not to be used ranging from sizes range from 1/32″ to 3/8″, with 120 pounds to in any aircraft.