AC DC Current Clamp Adaptor CA 1000/ CA 2000


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This is AC DC Current Clamp Adaptor. It allows multimeter to measure electrical current upto 2000 Amperes with a frequency response upto 400Hz.

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Basic Details:

AC DC Current Clamp Adaptor

Model Number: D5

Power Supply: 9V DC Battery

Jaw Open: 57 mm


  1. It has a basic accuracy of 1.5 rdg
  2. It can also be used for waveform analysis with the help of an oscilloscope.
  3. It also has a finger guard for safety purposes.
  4. It also has a rugged case that is shock and fire-resistant
  5. Auto Zero function
  6. While working with this clamp current meter no need to break a circuit or to affect the isolation.
  7. This Current Clamp Adaptor allows your multimeter to measure electrical current up to 2000 amperes either AC or DC


General Specification:

Dimension: Width: 100 x Length224 x Height 40 mm

Power Supply: 9V DC

Weight: Approx. 490 gms. (with battery)

System Accuracy: Sum of adaptor accuracy and DMM accuracy

Storage Temperature: -20°C to 60°C

Low battery indication: Red-LED



The product complies with the requirements of the following European Community Directives:

  1. 89 /336 EEC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
  2. 73 / 23 / EEC