5 Sets Spring Shaped Cable Durability Testing Machine


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5 Sets Spring Shaped Cable Durability Testing Equipment is used for the stretching durability test of spring cable used in electric vehicle conduction charging system.  It is in line with GB/T239-1999 GB/T4909.4-2009 standard.

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Control mode:-Touch screen +PLC


Total power:-1 KW

Speed of expansion:-0.33 m/s

Model Number:-D547

Material:-SUS 304 Stainless Steel

Motor power:-750 W

Count:-0 – 999999s arbitrary settings

Application:-Aviation Wire & Cable


Power supply:-220V 50Hz

Size:-L1350 * W800 * H2550 mm

Product Description

5 Sets Spring Shaped Cable Durability Testing Machine


  1. Description

    This machine meets the GB/T239-1999 GB/T4909.4-2009 test conditions specified in the standard. It is mainly a test of spring cable stretching shrinks and the stretching times are inspected continuously to accurately use this machine to complete the use of electricity used for the stretching before using the durability testing machine and the instructions be familiar with the machine vehicle. During the test, the sample is electrified conduction charging system and reaches the set number of times, the damaged part the mechanical. When the current interrupts or the user should carefully with the performance and read the standard so as spring type cable stretching and durability test.
2. Main Technical Parameters
Work power supply AC220V, 50HZ
Total power 1 KW
Sample 5 groups
Telescopic stroke 300 – 1800mm adjustable
Speed of expansion 0.33 m/s
Operation mechanism Gear reducer motor, drive chain drive
Motor power 750W, 380V variable frequency speed regulation
Control mode Touch screen + PLC
Count 0 – 999999s arbitrary settings
Size L1350 x W800 x H2550 mm


Frequently Asked Questions:-

What is the Cable Durability Test?

We need to determine when they will need potential materials also be to be how long the cables will last and be replaced. These will be opportunities to compare different cable durability tests.

What is cable testing?

Cable techniques used to tan delta testing, and partial voltage help assess the overall insulation testing and diagnostics are various quality of medium testing, cable systems, such as withstand discharge testing.

How do you identify that the cable is faulty?

The ground fault of a Clavier’s test cable can be located using voltage and earth is measured while the “Far End” is In this kind of test, low single supply, an ammeter, and network. The resistance between one voltmeter is used in a bridge end of the cable (Sending End) isolated from the earth.