Continuity Voltage Tester


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In Cable manufacturing at the final stage of testing, Continuity test is a standard practice and should be carried on each conductor. It is better to conduct Continuity test before HV test so that further damage of cable can be avoided in case the continuity is not shown by the conductor cores.

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A continuity Voltage Tester is a device used to determine if an electrical path can be established between 2 points or not.

Continuity Voltage Tester Service Details: 

Voltage Resolution, 1V

Model Number: D101

D Test Range: 0.01 – 1999 ohm

C Voltage: 0- 950V

AC Voltage: 0 -700 V

Test Voltage: 5- 1020 V
Model 1154 TMF



Auto Discharge Function on all tests & all ranges.

MOV / Protection Devices Test

Enter Save

Pre-selectable Measurement Time: Auto Stop on completion of Test

Gas Arrester Test

Can be calibrated in all calibration laboratories

Buzzer ON/OFF by key: Always ON

Auto Stop & Hold Function

Nominal Voltage @ 1mA on all Insulation Ranges

Continuity Open Circuit Voltage of 5V DC

Continuity Short Circuit Current >220mA (225mA typical)


Smart Hold & Stop on Voltmeter AC / DC

Fust: fast HBC 600V / 500mA


Insulation Resistance Range: 0.1MQ ~ 10GQ

LCD Type: Large Type 2 x 16 Characters

Automatic AC / DC Voltage Test at Start-Up

Selectable Test Voltages (Low Voltage for Telecom) : 50/ 100/ 125/250 /500 / 1000V

DC Voltage Measurement: 0 to 950V

AC Voltage Measurement: 0 to 700V

Battery Load Current: About 300mA

Continuity Measurement: 0.01 to 1999

Auto Off approx. 5 minutes

Operating Temperature: 1°C to 55° C not in full sun

Storage Temperature: -20°C to 70°C ; Relative Humidity max. 80% R.H

Battery Test at switch ON / RESET Lead Resistance Null Facilit

Open Current: about 19.15mA

Power Supply: 8 x15V Rechargeable / Alkaline / Normal batteries

Consumption Current: about 183.5mA.

Dimension: 175(L) x 85(W) x 75(H) mm


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