Oxygen Index of PVC & LSZH compound as per ASTM D2863


Limiting Oxygen Index & temperature index test as per IEC 60332, ASTM D2863, BS ISO 4589-2, NES 714


Oxygen Index (Limiting) test is done together with the measurement of temperature index of Plastics. One of the most important test for LSZH & PVC material compound for insulation and jacket-ting of Cable. Does a cost determining test as this index can give you a lot of information about the PVC.Whether  you are using or buying from your supplier. Few of them are below.
1) Oxygen index is 29 or 31 you can find a 2% of cost difference between this two points of PVC O2 index.
2) This test basically derives that how far the PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) compound can resist the flame. To get started for burning in normal temp of ambient.This is also called ignition point.
3) Similarly Temperature index shows the value of temperature, Plastic requires to get burning flame at a natural level of oxygen i.e 20.8%.

We classify this test as one of the most basic and important test for cable and plastic manufacturers.It not only provides critical quality data but also the information about costing of compound formulation.

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