Digital Coating Thickness Gauge KM 8042


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Digital Coating Thickness Gauge is excellent for measuring coating thickness on metal surfaces.

Display: 4 DIGIT LCD

Minimum curvature radius: protruding 1.5 mm , concave 6mm

Resolution: 1 micrometre

Measurement Rate: 0.8 seconds

Accuracy: +/-(3% + 2 micro meter)

Range: 0-1200 micrometre

Critical thickness of metallic base: 1 mm Minimum thickness of metallic base: 0.2


Minimum Display Unit: micrometer or mil

Probe diameter: 13 mm


Frequently asked Question

What is coating thickness gauze?

Coating Thickness Gauge is such coating thickness in Type as well as displaying as paint, plus this gadget measures digital way to indicate the depth of coating both F gauge is to the LCD Display be used to measure dry film results on This and NF the non-destructive way

How to measure Dry Film Thickness?

Dry film thickness (DFT) can be a coating or the measurement, using techniques substrate using a substrate such as magnetic thickness measurement, where the coating measured using two methods: destructive is cut to the coating thickness a cutter; and non-destructive which do not damage the magnetic induction and eddy current thickness measurement methods.


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