Air Pressure Chamber | Air/Oxygen Pressure Bomb Chamber as per IEC-60811

Air/ Oxygen Pressure Chamber or also known as Oxygen/Air Bomb Apparatus is used to test the resistance of the rubber parts against aging under Oxygen Pressure and Heat.

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This test is used for heat aging of samples under oxygen air pressure. It is applicable for insulation and sheath of electrical cables. It is also used to aging for vulcanized rubber for change in tensile strength & elongation of the material.

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Model No. : D1017

Standard compliance:

It is in line with IS: 10810, IS: 10810, Appendix A of IS 6380 – 1984


Doubled walled chamber with inner chamber of 8 to 10 mm wall thickness.

Chamber Size: 150mm (Diameter) x 300mm (Height)

Temperature Control :  Digital PID Controller, +/- 1-2oC

Pressure :  0 to 22 kg/cm2, LC 0.1 kg/cm2

Pressure Control :  Using Digital indicating Controller

Heating:  Dry heating using Jacket Heater

Three-layer safety for over pressure