AC DC Digital Clamp Meter for Solar Applications

True RMS clamp meter that features strong jaws, greater  0 °C to 40 °C operating temperature range and IP54 dustproof and waterproof enclosure to enable professionals to figure quickly in tough situations including the event, repair, and maintenance of apparatus and devices like electric vehicles. Additionally, the high-voltage DC measurement capability.


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AC DC Digital Clamp Meter used to be measured using Hall Effect clamp meters up to kilohertz (1000 Hz). Its purpose is to measure magnetic flux directly.

AC DC Digital Clamp Meter Service Details:


  • Model Number:-d16
  • Battery Standard 9V battery
  • Jaw Open 40mm
  • DC Current 0.1A-600A
  • AC Current 0.1A-600A
  • Frequency 50160 Hz
  • Digit Display Four Digit LCD displays.
  • Auto Power Off 5 minutes after power on. it will power off automatically to lower the power consumption
  • Operating Temperature 0- 40 Degree Celsius Frequency Hz 45Hz – 400HZ
  • Working Weight Approx. 180g (with battery)
  • Size Mm 175(W) X 70(H) X 38(T)mm
  • Display Size 35mm x 21.5mm
  • Jaw Size 40mm
  • Level Accuracy +-2%rdg + 3dgts
  • Reading Storage 99 groups, all used when displaying FULL
  • Relative Humidity below 80% R H.
  • Weight Approx. 180g (with battery)
  • Dimension 175(W) X 70(H) X 38(T)mm
  • Max Resolution 01A
  • Data Hold Yes

AC DC Digital Clamp Meter Specifications: –

  • Sensing: Average sensing
  • Jaw Opening Size: 40mm
  • Function: Measurement of AC / DC current, up to 600A & On-line measurement
  • Display Size – 32mm x 15mm
  • Test Mode: Clip-on CT, Integral mode.
  • Display Mode: Four Digit LCD display.
  • LCD Dimension: 35mm x 21.5mm
  • Sampling Rate: About 2times/s
  • AC/DC Current Range: 0.0A~600A
  • Frequency Range: 45Hz ~ 400Hz
  • Accuracy: +2%rdg + 3dgts
  • Resolution: 0.1A
  • Data Hold: Display shows “DH’ symbol
  • Data Storage: 99 groups, all used when displaying “FULL”
  • Line voltage: Line test under AC600V
  • Out of Range: Display shows “OL” symbol
  • Peak Hold: Press *HOLD” without release, the meter will show the peak value
  • Power Consumption: about 10mW
  • Battery Voltage: * – + ” indicating the battery voltage is lower than 7.2V. Then the battery has to be changed.
  • Operating Temperature and Humidity: 0 degree C ~ 40 degrees C: below 80% R.H
  • Insulation Strength: AC 2kV/RMS (between the alloy of the clamp & housing)
  • Storage Temperature and Humidity: 10 degrees C ~ 60 degrees C: below 70%rh
  • Power: Standard 9V battery.
  • Auto Power Off: 5 minutes after power on, it will power off automatically to lower the power consumption
  • Dimension: 175(W) x 70(H) x 38(T)mm
  • Weight: Approx. 180g (with battery)

AC DC Digital Clamp Meter Safety :

  • pollution degree 2, CAT IIl (600V)
  • IEC1010-1, IEC1010-2-032,

AC DC Digital Clamp Meter Accessories:

  • Carrying Case, Battery installed,
  • User’s Manual, RS232 PC Interface CD.

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