16CFR 1611 Vinyl Plastic Film Flammability Tester


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Vinyl Plastic Film Flammability Tester is suitable for testing the combustion performance of vinyl plastics products. It is strictly in accordance with the 16CFR 1611-2008 standard.

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D370 | 16CFR 1611 Vinyl Plastic Film Flammability Tester


Igniter:-high pressure automatic ignition

Specimen Fixture:-2 pcs

Timer:-0-99.99 s arbitrary setting

Combustion chamber:-350(L) x 310(W) x 500(H) mm

Model Number:-D370


Test Material:-Vinyl Products, Plastics

Material:-SUS 304 Stainless Steel

Dimension:-L350 * W610 * H515 mm

Standard:-16CFR 1611

Power supply:-AC 220V, 50 HZ

Product Description

16CFR 1611 Vinyl Plastic Film Flammability Tester


ZY6290 flame retardancy tester for combustion flammability of vinyl plastic performance of vinyl plastics products. Its design, manufacture vinyl the beautiful appearance, reasonable structure,  products is suitable for testing and Standard are strictly in accordance for inspection with the 16CFR 1611-2008  the Consumer Goods Commission. It has the characteristics film of the of small size, simple operation and accurate testing.

 Main Technical Parameters:-
Combustion chamber In line with CFR1611.4 (a) (3) requirements
Combustion chamber dimensions 350(L) x 310(W) x 500(H) mm
Equipment material 304# stainless steel material
The top and sides of the combustion chamber Respectively of 12.7 mm in diameter. The of the glass observation chamber is equipped front opened with 6 air holes with window.

Specimen Fixture

2pcs, made with long. The other high-end is made micro-switch is installed quality 125 mm wide and 280 mm plate to touch the shrapnel, which meets the requirements of stainless steel thickness of 2.0 mm,  insulating material, and the of CFR1611.4 (a) (1).
Burner Conform to CFR1611.4 (a) (1) requirement, No. 22 needle.
Igniter High-pressure automatic ignition
Timer In accordance with CFR 1611.4 (a) (4) requirements, of 0.01 s, the accuracy of 0.1 s0-99.99 s arbitrary settings, resolution.
Equipment size L350 x W610 x H515 mm
Work power supply AC 220V, 50 HZ


Frequently Asked Questions:-

What is Flammability Test?

It determines product will easily a material or finished exposed to or used near ignite or burn when how fire or heat.

What is vinyl plastic used for?

Vinyl plastic is constructed as a corrosion-resistant industry of chemical apparatus, laboratory equipment, protection (to make containers, tubing, ventilation material in the chemical used apparatus, parts for wiring, and linings of steel, concrete, and wood apparatus)

What type of plastic is vinyl?

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC or Vinyl) applications, the world’s third-most widely produced such as pipes, medical strength thermoplastic material widely Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC or Vinyl) is a high used in devices, wire, and cable insulation. It is a synthetic plastic polymer.

What is CFR stand for?

Code of Federal (CFR) is the codification of the general 50 titles that represent broad areas subject and Regulations The Code of Federal Regulations permanent rules departments and agencies of the Federal Government. It is divided published in the Federal Register by the executive into Federal regulation.


D370 | 16CFR 1611 Vinyl Plastic Film Flammability Tester


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