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Single Insulated Wire Or Cable Vertical Flame Test Equipment is suitable for testing the non-flammability of single insulated cable, control cable, cross-linking cable, elevator cable, marine cable and mine cable. It is in line with GB/T18380.11 – 2008, IEC60332-1-1 and IEC60332-1-2 standards.

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IEC 60332 Single Insulated Wire Or Cable Vertical Flame Test Equipment


Customized support:-OEM, ODM

Nozzle diameter:-12.0 mm

Volume :-> 2 m3

Power supply:-AC220V, 50HZ,1KW

Dimension:-1200 * W910 * H2650 mm

Material:-SUS 304 Stainless Steel


Test Material:-Single Wire or Cable

Total flame height:-170 ~ 190 mm

Standard:-IEC 60332

Model Number:-D389

Nozzle outlet:-7.0 mm

Pressure gauge:-0 To 0.75 KPA

Product Description

IEC 60332 Single Insulated Wire Or Cable Vertical Flame Test Equipment

 Technical Parameters

Combustion burner 1 KW nozzle, blue flame mixed combustion height is 50 ~ 60 mm
Total height 170 ~ 190 mm
Gas flow range 100 ~ 1000 ml / min
Combustion gas Purity of 95% petroleum gas propane gas or liquefied (customer self-supplied)
Airflow range 1 ~ 10 L/min
Pressure gauge 0 to 0.75 kph range adjustment
Length of the tested wire or cable 600 ± 25 mm
The outer diameter of the tested wire or cable 1 ~ 30 mm
Testing Installed for testing in an airless environment
Ignition mode High-pressure automatic ignition
Flame time 0.1 to 999.9 S, and adjusted at the flame can be continuously set time.
Switch Can be automatically according operated manually or to actual needs

Frequently Asked Questions:-

What is IEC 60332?

This test is a single insulated wire or single cable to a 1kW flame cable for the test to determine the resistance to the vertical flame propagation of a bench-scale application.

What is insulated wire?

Insulated wire material or cable protects the wire and the cable inside consists of non-conductive that is resistant to an electric current. It surrounds some other kind to prevent the insulated wire’s current form of material or Cable and wire insulation from coming into contact with other conductors.

What is a single insulated cable?

These are domestic wiring. These cables installation in dry or damp for installation as meter tails and are designed for the use in light industrial and particularly suited can be installed in conduit, in intended for fixed premises. These cables cable trucking and cable ducting.

What is the difference between single-core and multicore cables?

A single-core, which may multi-core cable themselves may be solid-core contains multiple be either solid-core or cable, contains one electrical conductor stranded. Electrical cores are electrically insulated from conductors.

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