2 Sets Robot Cable Torsion Testing Apparatus


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2 Sets Robot Cable Torsion Testing Machine is suitable for high flexible cable testing requirements such as TUV, VDE, UL etc. The structure of the machine is a tandem 2-station. It is in line with standards of CRIA 0003.2-2016.

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Customized support:-OEM, ODM

Bending angle:-±180° digital setting

Surface dealing:-Baking finish

Power supply:-AC 220V, 50/60Hz 10A

Size:-W1080 * D900 * H1430 mm

Model Number:-D538

Motor:-Japan Matsushita servo motor

Application:-Wire and Cable


Diameter of sample:-3 ~ 20 mm

Standard:-ASTM A938

Test station:-3 stations

Product Description

2 Sets Robot Cable  Torsion Testing Apparatus



Torsion Testing Apparatus suitable for high of the machine is a for the repeated torsion such as TUV, VDE, UL, etc. The structure tandem 2-station, which is mainly, used flexible detect the plastic deformation performance installation of the metal wire to cable testing requirements test of the longitudinal and the obvious defects of the metal wire in the repeated torsion test.


Comply with “Industrial Robot Special Cable Part 2: Test Method” the standards of CRIA 0003.2-2016 standard of China Robot Industry Alliance Standard;

Meets TUV Rhineland 2 Page 2577/08.16 Appendix H standard requirements.

Technical parameters:-

(1) Test station: 2 stations

(2) Maximum diameter of sample: Ф3~20mm

(3) Motor: Japan Matsushita servo motor

(4) Power supply: 220V, 50/60Hz 10A

(5) Control mode: touch screen control


Frequently Asked Questions:-

What is the purpose of the torsion test?

The purpose of a torsion test is to or when determines torsional forces, as a result of sample twisted, moments that under applied behavior cause shear stress about the axis.


What is a torsion testing machine?

Torsion Testing and Twist on various motor through a gearbox. Autographic conducting Torsion measurement is by metal wires, tubes, sheet materials, torque Machine is designed for be applied system. Torque can by geared recorder gives the relation between to specimen pendulum dynamometer torque and angle of twist.

What is Robot Cable?

Robotic developed for the high mechanical alternating bending cycles cables have to withstand as well cables and torsion cables are especially stress in the robotic industry.