1600 Hours Xenon Arc Test Chamber


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(Correct Heading: 1600 Hours Xenon Arc Test Chamber) :
1600 Hours Xenon Arc Test Chamber can simulate all sunlight spectrum to reproduce destructive light wave in different environment. It is in line with GB/T16585-1996, GB14522-93, GB/T16422.3-97 and ASTM D2565 test standards.

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Warranty:-1 Year

Temperature deviation:-± 2℃

Humidity range:-30 ~ 98% R.H

Heat power:-About 4 KW

Model Number:-D463

Outer chamber size:-W1050 x D1050 x H1750 mm

Power supply:-220V ± 10%, 50HZ


Temperature range:-0℃ ~ 80℃

Inner chamber size:-W500 x D500 x H600 mm

Material:-SUS 304 Stainless Steel / Baking Finish

Standard:-ASTM G155

Product Description

1600 Hours Xenon Arc Test Chamber


Xenon lamp test simulates all sunlight spectrum to reproduce chamber uses xenon arc lamp which can destructive light. It can provide corresponding waves in different environment simulations and accelerated tests for scientific environmental conditions, existing materials or research, product development and quality control. Xenon lamp test box, improve evaluate can be used to select the new test, it can be a good simulation after materials the durability of materials composition changes in the of different materials exposed to sunlight changes. Meet the criteria: GB/T16585-1996, GB14522-93, GB/T16422.3-97, ASTM D2565

 Conditions For Equipment Use
Ambient temperature 5℃ ~ +32℃
Ambient humidity Less than 85%
Power requirements About 4KW; 220V±10% 50HZ

Frequently Asked Questions:-

What is xenon arc testing?

Xenon arc testing simulating ultraviolet and materials, including the effects of sunlight, moisture promotes solar radiations by property changes of and heat, by visible means of a weather meter.

What For Xenon Arc Aging Test Chamber Used?

Xenon Arc Aging underwent humidity/ wind and any other climatic illumination/ rain/ Test Chamber is to test the product condensation/ temperature/ changes.

How does a xenon arc lampwork?

A xenon arc lamp is a Xenon closely mimics nature that which extends its applications sunlight,  arc lamps produce a special type of gas discharge lamp light bypassing at high pressure. It produces bright electricity light into the film, and daylight through ionized xenon gas white simulation industries.