Flammability Test for Bunch Cables ( IEC 332 Pt 3 , BS EB 60332-3-10)

28.000 24.000

  • The Basic instrument consists of (On request CPR compliant is also available)
  • Test chamber of inside dimension width 1000 mm, depth of 2 mtr and height of 4 mtr.
  • The test chamber is made of 1.6 mm thick GI sheet (no rust).
  • An aperture as per specification.
  • An outlet of 300 x 1000 mm at the rear edge of the top of the chamber
  • Ladder for fixing sample during the test (800 mm wide and 500 mm wide)
  • Two ribbon type burners as per specifications. (one burner model is also available)
  • Control panels for controlling the LPG / air flow and pressure to the burners.
  • Both burners can be controlled independently.
  • Air Control System (Air Blower) & air velocity measurement by digital anemometer.
  • Environmental Panel to monitor surrounding air velocity and chamber temperature.
  • Ideal for Data acquisition, PC based control applications
  • Control panel with all value display (incase PC is not required)


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