3-Axis Digital Field Strength Meter KM-195


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This is Digital field strength meter with excellent quality and durability. It is compact in size and has a multichannel recorder.

(max file size 512 MB)

We are able to offer Digital Field Strength Meter to respectable clients. The offered range of smart field meters is made utilizing high grade components by dependable associates of the market.


User friendly

Easy to use

Light weight

Model: D56

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is digital field strength meter?

In telecommunications, a field strength meter is an instrument that measures the electric field strength emanating from a transmitter.

How do you measure field strength?

Use E=AF*V where E is the field strength in volts/meter, V is the voltage received by the spectrum analyzer, and AF is the antenna factor. The units of AF are 1/meter. The antenna factor is antenna specific and is supplied by the manufacturer.