IEC 60332 Electrical Cables Under Fire Conditions Inclined


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IEC 60332 Electrical Cables Under Fire Conditions Inclined


Ignition:- voltage electric Automatic high fire

Material:-SUS 304 Stainless Steel


Test Material:-Wire and Cable

Model Number:-D372

Inner flame height:-20 mm

Standard:-IEC 60332

Fuel:-Gas methane

Dimension:-L1360 x W1250 x H2000 mm

Metal shield:-W305 * D355 * H610 mm

Tilt angle:-60°

Timer:-0 ~ 99.99 S, accuracy 0.1 S

Product Description

IEC 60332 Electrical Cables Under Fire Conditions Flammability Tester


Single wire and cable is suitable the flame is the flame retardant for wire and cable when performance burned inclined flammability machine of a single directly test under the inclined state.

 Technical parameters
Propane torch 500 W
Tilt angle 60°
Inner flame height 20 mm
Timer 0 ~ 99.99 S, accuracy 0.1 S
Fuel Ignition Automatic high voltage electric fire
Machine will automatically stop the ignition When is set to the preset the burning time


Frequently Asked Questions:-

What is IEC 60332?

It specifies the resistance to the vertical flame procedure for testing the under fire propagation for the insulated conductor or cable, or optical fiber a single vertical electrical cable, conditions.

What is an electrical cable called?

While the terms wire, a wire is cable is and cable is often used one electrical conductor and interchangeably wires, encased in typically made of sheathing. Electric wires multiple conductors, or a group of are aluminum or copper.

What is the meaning of electrical wire?

Electrical wiring and associated boards, sockets, and light devices such installation of cabling switches,  as is an electrical distribution fitting in a structure.


D372 | IEC 60332 Electrical Cables Under Fire Conditions Inclined


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