Constant Temperature Water Bath


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(Correct Heading: 300L Constant Temperature Water Bath)
300L Constant Temperature Water Bath used for the test of insulation resistance and withstand voltage of electric wires in water. It is in line with IEC60811-1-3 and UL1581-2006.

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Customized support: OEM, ODM

Temperature stability:-< 1.5℃


Warranty:-1 Year

Temperature control range:-0 ~ 98 ℃

Electric heating power:-1600 W

Inner dimension:-L400 * W500 * H500 mm

Input voltage:-220V / 50Hz


Material:-SUS 304 Stainless Steel

Model Number:-D427

Outer dimension:-L750 * W550 * H650 mm

Product Description

IEC60811 100L Constant Temperature Water Bath



This water tank is withstood voltage of resistance and water electric wires is used for the test of insulation, and it is a resistance tester and used together with insulation to withstand the voltage test.


Meets IEC60811-1-3,UL1581-2006 standards

Inner dimension L400 * W500 * H500 mm
Outer dimension L750 * W550 * H650 mm
Temperature control range 0 ~ 98℃
Temperature stability < 1.5℃
Electric heating power 1600 W
Input voltage 220V / 50Hz
Material Electrostatic paint outside, stainless steel inside
The above dimensions are only for example Can be customized according to customer requirements

Frequently Asked Questions:-

What is IEC 60811 100L?

It describes general that are together given in specified general of IEC 60811-100 the particular matters that apply to all the requirements and considerations test methods. This first edition parts, unless otherwise collects the restructured IEC 60811 series.

What is the constant temperature of the water in the baths?

Economical constant superior temperature can be fluids high as 100°C controlled at temperatures temperature water baths offer as control, range, and uniformity.