Conditioning Chamber (Humidity Cabinets)

This is Conditioning Chamber or Humidity Cabinets. Conditioning chamber maintain testing samples at a specific temperature and humidity level. It is customizable as per requirement. Humidity range is 40-90 % Rh.


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Conditioning Chamber Specification Compliance:

  1. Model Number:-D221

Construction: Inside: SS 304, Outside: Duly Powder Coated

Humidity: 40-90% RH

Dimensions: Customized as per user requirement

Temperature: 5 to 95 Deck

Humidity Measurement: Capacitive Sensor

Spray Nozzle: Provided

Boiler with heater for Steam Generator: Provided

Water Level Indicator: Buzzer Provided

Frequently asked questions:-                                      

What is Conditioning Chamber (Humidity Cabinets)?

Conditioning Chamber is used for completion the manufactures can easily ensure main task of this chamber is to remove the moisture level in the sample. With the help textile fabric materials after process of an efficient humidity chamber and the best quality of products delivered to their clients

How do you control humidity in a chamber?

Nearly every humidity chamber should have Relative humidity varies with temperature refrigeration or some cooling method to chambers also has a separate dehumidification coil to attract moisture. Ensure humidity control. so a stable temperature is required. The refrigeration is in most humidity.


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