AC Current Clamp Adapter Meter

When measuring Current with this Clamp, there’s no got to break a circuit or to affect the isolation.
It are often used for waveform analysis by connecting it to an Oscilloscope.


(max file size 128 MB)

Current clamp adapter is intended to be a simple accessory and/or extension to a digital multimeter or other instruments. These adapters come complete with two connections for connecting to a multimeter and a coiled cable for measuring at a distance from the instrument.


Service Details:

  • Model: D15


Special Features:

  1. This Clamp Adaptor has Average Sensing
  2. This Clamp Adaptor has Basic Accuracy – 1.5%rdg + 5dgts
  • the function ACV. Plug it into any Digital MultiMate to Meters to measure transform AC Current into (VAC-2V or 20V position) to replace Digital with banana-shaped input socket Clamp AC current



Current Clamp Adapter General Specifications:


  • Jaw Size: 30 mm max
  • Measuring Range: 1Ato 300A AC rms
  • Dimension: 156(L) X 80(W) X 36(D) mm
  • Weight: Approx. 220 gms
  • wire: 29mm diameter
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C~50°C; <80% R.H
  • Storage Temperature: -20°C to 60°C; <80% R.H
  • Output Voltage: 1mV AC for every 0.1Amp AC,
  • wire length: 3.5 meter when fully stretched. 10mV/Ampere




  • IEC1010-1 & IEC1010-2-032 under pollution degree Il & installation category (overvoltage
  • Category) CAT Il 600V .



  • Carrying Case & User’s Manual.

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