Horizontal-Cold chamber up to -86 deg.


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  • General & Physical Tests

    Cold Impact Test Tool

    The instrument consists of the following

    • Testing Anvil
    • Cylindrical falling hammer.
    • 10 weights as per IEC specs

    The sample is cooled in the cold chamber for a specified time and whilst still in the refrigerator, at the same temperature, struck with the hammer dropped from a height. The sample is then checked for any cracks or scales visible to the unaided …

  • General & Physical Tests

    Low & Ultra-Low Temp Cold Chambers (for -0 to -86 o C )

    • Cold Chamber Size (as per requirement of customer)
    • Digital Temperature Indicating controller
    • Glass Window on the door. (if required)
    • Very high displacement compressor of about 22 per revolution
    • Highly efficient refrigerant R404A having a boiling pt. Of -46DegC
    • Our freezer does not require a low ambient temp. It can work even at an ambient of 40DegC
    • Feed evaporator to …