NBS Smoke Density Tester Plastic Smoke Generation

NBS plastic smoke density test chamber is mainly suitable for determining the specific optical density of smoke generated by plastic burning, and the maximum specific optical density is the test result. It is in line with GB/T8323.2 test standard.


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Dimension:-1822(L) x 860(W) x 1970(H) mm

Working voltage:-AC220V, 50Hz

Smoke chamber size:-900(L) x 610(W) x 900(H) mm

Measurement range:-0-100%

Measurement accuracy:-± 3%

Test Material:-Plastics

Model Number:-D355

Ambient temperature:-Room temperature 15-30℃

Standard:-ISO 5659

Material:-SUS 304 Stainless Steel

Main technical parameters:-

Measurement range: 0-100%;

Measurement accuracy: ±3%.

Gas source: purity, pressure is 170Kpa is at least 95%, propane gas.

Light transmission resolution: 0.0001%.

Ambient temperature: room temperature 15-30℃.

Relative humidity: ≤ 80%.

Working voltage: AC220V, 50Hz

  1. Propane flow: 50 cm3/min.

Test mode:-

Flameless mode: the flame does not test is only subjected to thermal used; Flame radiation, and the test of the pilot mode: A test into a burner at which the sample is subjected flame in addition to the radiation, with or without fire;

Smoke chamber size: 900(L) x 610(W) x 900(H) mm

Dimensions: 1822(L) x 860(W) x 1970(H) mm

Heating power: 2.6 KW; Total power: 3 KW.

Working environment: When the forced instrument is running, avoid direct sunlight and no air flow.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

What is ISO 5659?

It specifies from the exposed surface of specimens a method of measuring smoke production of materials predicting the density of smoke that can or composites. No basis is provided for be generated by and flame under other (actual) exposure the materials upon exposure to heat conditions.

What is the difference between ASTM and ISO?

ASTM is a national ISO organization ISO is an organization that has representations from is a part of international all countries including ASTM.