Aircraft Cabin Non Metallic Material Flammability Tester


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Aircraft Cabin Non Metallic Material Flammability Tester is suitable for the identification and performance test of non-metallic materials in the aircraft cabin. The design is in line with HB5469-2014 & HB5470-2014 standards.

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Warranty:-1 Year

Total power:-500 W

Model Number:-D575

Material:-SUS 304 Stainless Steel

Application:-Aircraft Interior Material

Control cabinet size:-340 (L) x 345 (W) x 470 (H) mm

Flame height:-20mm ~ 100mm


Burning chamber size:-380 (L) x 340 (W) x 660 (H) mm


Test chamber size:-600 (L) x 340 (W) x 845 (H) mm

Product Description

Aircraft Cabin Non Metallic Material Flammability Tester



Airplane Interior Non-Metallic the non-metallic materials in the performance material application Material Burning Performance is Chamber performance aircraft cabin. The suitable for the identification and Test type test of non-metallic requirements corresponds to parts and combustion of the engine room.

Technical parameters
Inner diameter of the burner port Ф 9.5±0.1 mm
Steam outlet Ф 0.9±0.03 mm
Spout air height 100±10 mm
Flame height 20mm ~ 100mm can be adjusted
Timer Burning time, the flame burning smoldering time, dripping flame time, burning time, timing accuracy 0.1S.
Timing range 0~99.99s/m/h can be set
Maximum clamping thickness of sample holder ≤ 13m
Power source AC 220V, 50Hz Total Power: 500W
Control cabinet size 340 (L) x 345 (W) x 470 (H) mm
60° Burning chamber size 380 (L) x 340 (W) x 660 (H) mm
Vertical horizontal burning test chamber size 600 (L) x 340 (W) x 845 (H) mm


Frequently Asked Questions:-

What is Aircraft Cabin?

An aircraft cabin is which are pressurized, as cruising commercial aircraft altitudes are passengers travel. Most modern the section of an aircraft in high enough is too thin for passengers and such that the surrounding atmosphere crew to breathe.

Do airplanes recirculate cabin air?

Most aircraft cabins that recycled cabin air that modern carefully controlled” and per pass through blend completely recirculation percent aircraft,” according to changed 20 to 30 times systems to 50 some fresh air with up air is ” HEPA filters on “most hour with the World Health Organization.

What is Flammability Test?

Flammability testing to measure a it is susceptibility to protocols and methods testing covers to combust, and the rate at several different intended propensities which it will ignition material’s vulnerability, including source, its burn when ignited.